WATCH: Ted Cruz UNLOADS On Biden’s Big Scandal

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(SNews) – GOP Senator Ted Cruz dropped the hammer on President Joe Biden saying this past week has been the worst week for Biden since the debacle in Kabul. Cruz also said the Department of Justice cannot indict Trump over classified documents now. Ted said on Fox News:

“This past week has been the worst week for the Biden White House since the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Since the murder of 13 servicemen and women. The White House hasn’t had as bad a week as they have had.

“They’ve had incompetence, they’ve had sandal, they’ve had corruption, they’ve had dishonesty, and they’ve had hypocrisy. And all of that has been on display in the past week. When we saw Merrick Garland stand up and appoint a special counsel to investigate Joe Biden, I joked on my podcast, Verdict with Ted Cruz, that Merrick Garland was like a hostage video.

“He was blinking out SOS because he was so unhappy. He was forced to do it. He had no choice but to appoint a special counsel given the utter hypocrisy that he was going after Trump.

“It was discovered that Biden had classified documents not in one place, not in two places, not in three places…

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