WATCH: This CNN Doctor Just Completely Discredited the Entire Network… (Video)

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(The Post Millennial) – Dr. William Schaffner went on CNN on Friday to give what may be considered an update to recommendations to the public regarding the pandemic situation. The panel talked mainly about masks and vaccinations.

“Is it time for the idea of cloth masks to be tossed out altogether? It’s surgical masks, it’s N95s, anything else is kind of just a waste of time?” the host asked Dr. Schaffner.

“Well, I think cloth masks that are thick, two and three layers, continue to provide good protection.”

“And we have to remind people, first of all, to use those masks. And, second, to use them up above the nose. Down here [the doctor pointed to his mouth area], that doesn’t count.”

Moving on to the subject of vaccinations, Dr. Schaffner continued:

“So, I think masking, social distancing, I think we can weather this next storm.”

“We will have some tough times because of all the travel and the wonderful celebrations we’ve had over the holidays, we’re going to continue to see an uptick in cases. But after that, I hope things go down, as long as we keep vaccinating.”

“Those children, everybody who’s eligible for boosters, and maybe we can get some of those folks who have been stubbornly resisting vaccination into the greater group of those that are accepting vaccines.”

The doctor then moved on to the subject of children and vaccination, saying:

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“Well, I think that boosters will help solidify the protection among children.”

“And I know that all the pediatricians and family doctors out there are saying, ‘If you have any questions about the safety and effectiveness of vaccinating your child, come see me.'”

“Because those pediatricians and family docs are ready to give good comforting advice. You don’t have to listen to Bill; [referring to himself] listen to the person who takes care of your child.”

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