WATCH: Top Congressman BLASTS Biden In Viral Video

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(The Post Millennial) – Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) blasted record-high gas prices under the Biden administration, blaming President Joe Biden’s passive leadership style.

In a Fox News interview Tuesday morning, the Republican congressman slammed Biden for not standing up to Democrats on increasing US energy production and instead seeking outside alternatives as gas prices at home continue to skyrocket.

Jordan said Biden is “afraid” to stand up to the Democratic Party’s top brass as nationwide gas prices soar amid Russia’s invasion of war-torn Ukraine.

“I mean, the Democrats want $7 gas,” Jordan told Fox & Friends.

The Ohio representative mentioned sitting in a hearing a few months ago attended by Congressman Ro Khanna, a Democrat lawmaker from California, where the gas price has approached as high as $7 per gallon in some places, according to ABC 7.

“He had the oil and gas executives there in front of them, and he badgered every one of them, asking them one simple question: ‘Will you pledge to decrease production this year?’ I mean, the Democrats want $7 gas,” Jordan stated.

Jordan outlined during the Fox News segment what the move means to middle-class American families, how it hurts the US economy, and how it drives up the price of products given it takes fuel to move goods around the country.

“So it’s complete craziness, but that’s where the left is today,” Jordan added.

Jordan pivoted to state that he believes Biden is “afraid to stand up” to Democratic leadership. “And unfortunately, they have complete control of the Democrat Party and Joe Biden, I think, is afraid to stand up to them,” Jordan said on-air.

“That’s why he’s talking to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela and Iran, for goodness sake,” Jordan continued. At the White House press briefing, Biden secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Monday that US officials visited Caracas over the weekend. Psaki was grilled on the Biden administration’s reported plan to ease US oil sanctions on Venezuela in exchange for the released of detained Americans being held there.

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Jordan then referenced the release of a Saudi prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention center who was suspected of trying to join the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers. Gitmo ex-detainee Mohammad Ahmad al-Qahtani was flown back home to Saudi Arabia, to a treatment facility for mental illness, from the US base in Cuba.

“We’re going to release this terrorist, this prisoner, the same time the president of the United States is asking Saudi Arabia to increase production,” Jordan noted.

Jordan reminded viewers that just 14 months ago under the Trump presidency, the US was energy independent. “And now we have the spectacle of the president of the United States begging OPEC to increase production, talking to Iran, talking to Saudi Arabia, talking to Venezuela, instead of doing the common sense thing…”

He urged Biden to increase production “right here” in the United States, open ANWR, and resume construction on the Trump-backed Keystone XL Pipeline.

“But no, the left won’t do it,” Jordan declared.

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy responded: “Well, Jim Jordan. You heard Kamala Harris yesterday. It’s time for you to buy a Prius.”

“Tell that to the farmers and the people of western Ohio in the country who drive pickup trucks everywhere for goodness sake,” Jordan replied.

“That’s what the left always misses. They think everything’s about this elite atmosphere and the big cities on the coast. And they forget about Middle America that actually works and makes things happen every single day,” he concluded.

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