WATCH: Top Doctor says Banning Gatherings Stops ‘Misinformation’

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(The Post Millennal) – Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health said that banning gatherings prevents the spread of COVID-19 “misinformation.”

Dr. Robert Stang made the comments at a press conference, when asked about a Nova Scotia judge lifting an injunction that banned gatherings.

Stang responded by saying that large gatherings still present some risks, but added that the injunction’s other purpose was to prevent people from gathering to spread misinformation.

“The other purpose of the injunction is to prevent groups that are spreading, deliberately spreading false information that can actually create risk; the information itself, if listened to, creates risks to the public as well. [There’s] a need to manage that misinformation”

The Nova Scotia government was originally granted an injunction to ban gatherings on May 14, to stop anti-lockdown protests from happening. This was after they had introduced one of the toughest lockdowns in Canada.

Nova Scotia’s lockdown has however since ended and the province is now in the second phase of its reopening plan. Yesterday, the province of almost one million reported 3 new cases. However, that has not stopped public health officials from maintaining stringent restrictions.

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