WATCH: Traitor Chris Wallace Gets SHUT DOWN By CNN’s B Team

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(Slay News) – CNN dragged former Fox News star Chris Wallace out from wherever they stashed him after the collapse of the CNN Plus, the failed streaming service, to discuss the Jan 6 committee.

Wallace is a man without a country right now and tried to pander to CNN viewers by saying the Department of Justice is moving too slow in going after Trump admin officials. But to his dismay, he has promptly shut down by CNN reporters Laura Coates, Even Perez, Kaitlan Collins, and Gloria Borger, not exactly the ‘A’ team over at CNN. Ouch.

CHRIS WALLACE: Here’s what I don’t understand about this. This episode involving Jeffrey Clark, and even specifically what happened on January 3rd, is really been gone over. The Senate Judiciary Committee already held a whole series of hearings and these quotes– And I have to say, that’s my favorite quote of the whole episode.

Go back, we’ll talk. We’ll call you when there’s an oil show. I’ve been told that too, go back to your office. We’ll call you when there’s an oil spill. I mean, this is plowed ground. So my question is, why on earth is it only now that the Justice Department or the FBI is going and raiding Jeffrey Clarke’s house?

I mean, we’ve known about this for months. We were discussing on New Day today, Kaitlan, this morning the fact that just the Justice Department is now issuing subpoenas to some of the fake electors. Again, this is something we’ve known about for months. Why–

GLORIA BORGER: They’ve been busy, you know?

LAURA COATES: Well, I mean, you very well have done this before. That’s part of the issue here, what we’re seeing.

CHRIS WALLACE: Well they didn’t search Jeffrey Clark’s house before–

LAURA COATES: Maybe there’s new information that’s come to light from someone who’s now about to testify to say, oh, by the way, there might be evidence of this, but we didn’t see it the first time around.

Is there another cell phone, a sort of burner phone of some kind? Is there other documents it would have been in your possession that you did not hand over? It was not electronic in some way, did you not, did you take something away from the DOJ that you should have taken away when you left the office? All these possibilities are there.

But I totally understand the point of saying this feels a little bit like a either cleanup crew or Johnny come lately.

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But remember, Congress has the role of trying to avoid being viewed as partisan with the sword of Damocles of the general elections ahead of them. But DOJ has the problem of trying to get enough in and done before they have to stop because they’re so close to an election.

Well, I think there is protocol that says we can’t keep muddying our hands because it might actually persuade the electors.

EVAN PEREZ: I think to Chris’s point, I think. I don’t think you can interpret the lack of visible action right until now to mean that there was nothing happening.

I think, you know, certainly I’ve heard over the period of months that there was some kind of investigation. We don’t know exactly what is being investigated.

We don’t know what possible crime they’re looking at here. But, you know, they’ve had to look at documents, they’ve had to look at, talk to witnesses.

They have a number of people who they’ve they’ve talked to before they can take an extraordinary step like this.

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