Watch: Tucker Carlson Goes OFF on Top Foreign Leader

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(The Post Millennial) – While the G7 summit is underway in the United Kingdom today, Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the “dumbest” member of the world leaders gathered.

Carlson jested that Dr. Jill Biden joined the other G7 leaders of the “largest industrialized democracies” to discuss how the world will “Build Back Better” after the COVID-19 pandemic devastated nations across the globe. Carlson then named “The Great Reset,” in which Trudeau sees “an opportunity for a reset” amid the public health crisis to “reimagine economic systems.”

At the United Nations conference on Sept. 29, Trudeau expressed what he envisions for Canada post-coronavirus pandemic, adopting the language of American President Joe Biden’s alliterative “Build Back Better” agenda.

Carlson also lambasted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who was “emasculated” after contracting COVID-19 himself and “now a husk.” Johnson urged the world to be “more gender-neutral” and “more feminine” during an eyebrow-raising opening statement at the G7 summit.

On last Saturday, the UK prime minister called on the other G7 leaders to commit to seeing the whole world vaccinated by the end of 2022. The accomplishment would be “the single greatest feat in medical history,” Johnson stated.

“What kind of person would say that?” asked Carlson. “Well, an elbow-bumping kind of leader,” he answered. Carlson then aired footage of the vaccinated and unmasked G7 leaders greeting via elbow bumps while “too afraid to shake.”

Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron appeared to violate COVID-19 social distancing guidelines by strolling together arm-in-arm on the beach.
The pair’s actions were “outdone,” however, by Trudeau whom Carlson called “the dumbest” for remaining masked during the ostentatious meet-and-greet.

Trudeau removed the unnecessary face covering when he realized, “Hey, I’m not in Canada. I don’t have to pretend anymore,” Carlson explained on-air.

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