WATCH: Tucker Carlson Proposes AMAZING New Strategy

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson savagely mocked wealthy institutions for their virtue signaling on Wednesday night, and made a proposal to vacate Brown University in order to make room for 30,000 Nigerian students.

“Nigeria has a population of almost 15 million people and it’s growing every day. It’s one of the most crowded places on the planet. Most of its residents are very poor and virtually all of them are black,” said Tucker Carlson.

“So why shouldn’t we move say 30,000 ambitious young Nigerians to Brown University’s campus tomorrow?”

“If we’re serious about diversity, we hope we are. It’s hard to know why we wouldn’t do that. Is that too much color for you? Brown University? What are you racist?” Said Tucker.

“Now, obviously, if we did that, we’d have to make some accommodations. Brown’s current occupants would need to vacate immediately to make room for our new Nigerian friends.”

“You can imagine the caravan of Subaru’s on fair street, leaving town. Newly unemployed inclusion officers, bewildered, queer dance scholars, sloped shouldered, film studies majors, driving back to their parents in Westchester with a bong between the seats, a sad parade,” said Tucker. “But think of the happy Nigerians.”

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