WATCH: Undercover Video Catches Pfizer Exec Admitting EVERYTHING

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(SNews) – A Pfizer executive has made an explosive admission in an undercover video by revealing that his pharmaceutical company is using dangerous gain-of-function research to “mutate” COVID-19 so the Big Pharma giant can produce and sell more vaccines.

The bombshell revelation was made by Pfizer’s Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations Jordon Trishton Walker.

Walker unwittingly blew the whistle on Pfizer to an undercover journalist working for Project Veritas.

Project Veritas published the video of Walker’s comments on Wednesday night.

According to Walker, Pfizer is exploring the “mutating” of Covid via “directed evolution” so the company can continue to profit off of vaccines.

“One of the things we’re exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves so we could create — preemptively develop new vaccines, right?” Walker told the undercover reporter who was secretly filming him.

“So, we have to do that,” he continues.

“If we’re gonna do that though, there’s a risk of like, as you could imagine — no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f**king viruses.”

“Don’t tell anyone. Promise you won’t tell anyone.

“The way it [the experiment] would work is that we put the virus in monkeys, and we successively cause them to keep infecting each other, and we collect serial samples from them,” he said.

Walker claims that “directed evolution” is different than gain-of-function, which is defined as “a mutation that confers new or enhanced activity on a protein.”

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In other words, it means that a virus such as Covid can become more potent depending on the mutation / scientific experiment performed on it.

However, he suggests that Pfizer is trying to get away with conducting illegal gain-of-function research simply by calling it something else.

The Pfizer executive told a Project Veritas journalist about his company’s plan for Covid vaccines.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said, “it appears that Pfizer is internally discussing the possibility of mutating the Covid virus themselves in order to tailor a vaccine to sell to the public.”

In the video, Walker continues by acknowledging that people would not like this information if it went public.

“You’re not supposed to do gain-of-function research with viruses. Regularly not.

“We can do these selected structure mutations to make them more potent.

“There is research ongoing about that.

“I don’t know how that is going to work.

“There better not be any more outbreaks because Jesus Christ,” he said.


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