WATCH: Veterans for Freedom SLAM Government Over What They Did To This War Memorial

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(Th Post Millennial) – Freedom protesters took down the barricade surrounding the war memorial in Ottawa on Saturday. The Post Millennial’s Beth Baisch is on the scene, speaking to veterans who are currently cleaning the memorial and paying their respects.

“The disgraceful government of Canada put up a fence around the Veteran War Memorial in the middle of the night like the cowards they are,” said veteran Jake Spinney from the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, in an interview with Baisch.

“I’ve been here with a bunch of veterans looking after the grounds and I’ve personally I’ve heard from 50 Ottawa residents that the grounds have never looked this good,” the veteran continued to state on camera. “So we all got together today and we’re sick and tired of not being able to touch our monument and pay respects to our fallen brothers and sisters and we took the f*cking [barricade] down.”

“Now we’re cleaning it up because nobody else in the city is going to and Mr. Jim Watson, I’ll be sending you the bill,” the veteran concluded.

Security fences had surrounded the memorial before Freedom Convoy protestors took down the barricade Saturday afternoon. CTV News reporter Mackenzie Gray said individuals in the group appeared to be veterans. “They were called up to the front to stand right at the front of the monument,” Gray said on Twitter.

“They then did a prayer, where among other things, they called on the prime minister to drop vaccine mandates,” Gray reported on social media.

Veterans in attendance also lauded The Post Millennial for covering their efforts. “Finally, some real journalism,” said one veteran, who described how peaceful the freedom protest in Ottawa has been: “I don’t know why the Prime Minister’s not here with us, standing with us, saying, ‘Isn’t it great that we’re united?'”

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