Whoa… Americans Revolt Against Kamala Harris

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(SNews) – America put Vice President Kamala Harris in her place in a new NBC News poll that says Kamala has the lowest net approval rating for any Vice President in polling history.

The poll found that 49 percent of respondents have a negative opinion of Harris, while 32 percent of those surveyed have a positive opinion of the vice president.

That is a net negative rating of -17 for Kamala which is the lowest net negative rating for a vice president in the history of the poll.

According to the NBC poll:

“Harris’ net-negative rating (-17) is the lowest for any vice president in the poll’s history.

In Oct. 2019, then-Vice President Mike Pence had a 34% positive, 38% negative rating (-4).

In Dec. 2010, Joe Biden’s rating was 34% positive, 33% negative (+1).

In May 2003, Dick Cheney was at 47% positive, 24% negative (+23).

And in March of 1995, Al Gore’s rating in the poll was 42% positive, 27% negative (+15).

It wasn’t much better for Biden.

“Yet here’s the bad news for the president: 68% of all voters say they have concerns about Biden having the necessary mental and physical health to be president, including 55% who say they have ‘major’ concerns.”

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According to Axios, Biden’s team is desperately trying to repair her image:

Top White House officials are rushing to the aid of Vice President Kamala Harris to try to shore up her underwhelming poll numbers heading into 2024.

Why it matters: Harris’ numbers are even worse than President Biden’s (approval in the high 30%s versus low 40%s).

Officials believe that could make her a drag on the ticket as Biden begins a reelection campaign that likely will boil down to a few tight states.

What’s happening: There’s zero chance Biden will replace her on the ticket — doing so would be an admission that he botched the most important decision he made as a candidate.

So the White House and campaign team are working to give Harris a boost — which her allies feel is long overdue.


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