WOW: 60-Year-Old Ex-Special Forces Soldier Turns Tables On Chicago Thug

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(SNews) – A 60-year-old former special forces soldier was visiting Chicago. The man and his companion were on Wacker Drive just west of Michigan Avenue around 7 p.m. A man stopped them and started a conversation with the former soldier.

The suspect pulled out a knife and swiped at the ex-soldier. The suspect cut the victim’s arm but the victim’s training kicked in and he turned the tables on the thug.

According to police, because the former Army special forces soldier fought back, the cowardly suspect turned tail and fled the scene.

The victim called the police from his nearby hotel and declined medical attention. A CPD spokesperson said the suspect was described only as a Black male with a ski mask.

In another incident in Chicago’s Loop, an 81-year-old was mugged inside a downtown Chicago store.

Security guards caught the man. Prosecutors said the victim was targeted as he walked out of the restroom at Target, 1 South State, around 5:40 p.m.

20-year-old Tarrese Dunmore ran up behind him and grabbed a bag he was carrying, prosecutor Lorraine Scaduto said.

According to CWB Chicago:

The victim struggled with Dunmore, who allegedly shoved the senior citizen to the ground, took his property, and tried to run away.

But Target security officers stopped Dunmore and held him until Chicago police arrived, Scaduto said. The store’s security cameras recorded it all.

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Scaduto added that Dunmore told the officers something to the effect of “all I did was push him.”

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