WOW: Dan Bongino HUMILIATES Liberal Author Stephen King

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(SNews) – Author Stephen King heckled Dan Bongino on Twitter but the move backfired when the popular conservative commentator shredded the author in response.

In a tweet, Bongino took a swipe at Democrat President Joe Biden.

“Today is May 1st, and Joe Biden is the WORST president in US history,” Bongino said.

King didn’t like that, and rather than try to speak in defense of Biden, he took a swipe at Bongino leaving Fox News instead.

As Slay News recently reported, Bongino recently left Fox after agreeing not to renew his contract with the network.

“And you’re out of a job at Fox. Biden still has his,” King replied to Bongino’s post.

Bongino fired back: “Yeah dude, working six days a week, doing a top-ten podcast, a nationally syndicated radio show, managing billion-dollar tech investments, and finishing off another book made me reevaluate my work schedule.

“But keep bitching and moaning like a chump on Twitter while we use you for comedy relief in show material.”

King didn’t reply.

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