Wow: Jon Voight Calls Out Establishment Media’s Silence

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(The Post Millennial) – It was last week when the Daily Mail revealed a new chapter of the Hunter Biden scandal. The outlet uncovered the casual racism the president’s son deployed in conversation with his lawyer George Mesires. Hunter’s usage of the n-word demonstrated an example of what should’ve been establishment media outrage.

But the scandal has since been treated with silence from the left. The fact-checking authority at Snopes has even described it as much. In their “unproven” status surrounding this story, they add: “While no evidence corroborated or disproved the claim, it is noteworthy that only one political faction was circulating it.”

It’s treated as if it’s the fault of right-wingers for pointing out a disparity, here. Even though just today Sen. Chuck Schumer publicly apologized for using the R-word to describe the mentally disabled.
The uneven treatment of this most recent Hunter Biden situation has been noticed by Deliverance and National Treasure actor Jon Voight.

Voight posted the following video to Twitter:

“What is this? A race? A war? What. The left, they’re ok with slurs! It’s ok for Biden’s son to use racist slurs. And no one says a word. Not the media, no one. And why? I ask. It’s what we all ask, why? Why was it ok to beat down President Trump with cruel intention against his beautiful family?” asked Voight in the video statement. “Why was it ok to constantly harass them, for what they the left accused them of being: racist? When Biden”s son is the lowest human being. A poor pity of a man. Who is not well. Who has done wrong.”

Voight said he felt obligated to say something because he personally believes in the patriotic enthusiasm that former President Donald Trump brought with his time in office. That, despite the pushback he faced, what the people of the United States have now in comparison is a “lower frequency,” Voight stated.

Voight closed by saying the American people should hold on to the hope that Trump gets back in the White House with a presumptive 2024 run.

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