WOW: Top Anti-2A Activist Admits New Gun Control Laws DON’T Work

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(SNews) – Anti-Second Amendment activist David Hogg has admitted that mass shootings are on the rise even after the radical new gun control laws that he’s been promoting have been introduced.

Hogg boasted about helping to get gun restriction laws passed during a recent interview with CBS News.

He claims the gun laws saved the life of his mother.

However, Hogg also admitted that added gun restrictions have not prevented further mass shootings.

Gun-grabber Hogg and the organization March for Our Lives were vaulted into the spotlight after the Parkland mass shooting in 2018.

The Florida school shooting sparked massive protests across the United States, predominantly featuring young people promoting the Democrats’ increased gun restrictions.

The CBS report states that Hogg acknowledges that the gun control laws that have been passed since 2018, including ones he helped get pushed through, have not stopped an increase in mass shootings in the United States.

Yet he still believes they have stopped some but doesn’t provide any evidence.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were 336 mass shootings in the United States in 2018.

This number increases to 417 in 2019 and to 611 in 2020.

CBS News states an unspecified number of approximately 600 for 2022.

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Hogg, who was instrumental as one of the organization’s frontmen, takes credit for increasing the purchase age for guns in Florida to 21 years old.

He also claims he helped the passing of a red-flag law that allowed law enforcement to seek “risk protection orders” in the state.

The activist claims that the law saved his mother’s life after he says he received a threat that said “F*** with the NRA and you’ll be DOA.”

“This person lived, like, 20 minutes away from us,” said Hogg.

“We used the law that we created after Parkland to disarm that individual.

“And because of the law that we passed, it very may well have stopped me from having to bury my own mother.”

He doesn’t provide any evidence to support this allegation, however.

The college student says the law has been used thousands of times to stop similar actions.

“That same law has been used over 6,000 times since Parkland,” Hogg added.

He was likely referring to a report from May 2022 about the red-flag law usage in Florida.

“This law has been used on average about four times a day since the law was implemented,” Kelsi Thorud, a reporter for WESH2, said in 2018.

“It was actually passed with bipartisan support.”

When he graduates from college, Hogg says he hopes to implement a plan to battle the gun lobby, similar to those who have lobbied against tobacco companies.

“The tobacco industry is exactly the model that I think of in terms of the decades of work that it will take to address this issue.”

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