Alert: Girl Scouts USA Goes Full-Woke

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The Girl Scouts of the USA is taking a new approach by introducing radical Marxist training programs for children. The organization is set to provide a four-part “racial equity” training series based on Marxism to volunteers and parents. This training will include discussions on “internalized racism” and “white supremacy culture.”

Despite its initial purpose of serving young women, the 111-year-old organization seems to be embracing elements of the far-left Critical Race Theory (CRT), a divisive ideology rooted in Marxism.

The four-part series, starting on December 13, will kick off with a virtual lesson titled “Foundations in Racial Equity.” It is crucial to distinguish between “equality” and the Left’s “equity” agenda, which is rooted in Marxism. While “equality” advocates treating everyone equally, regardless of race or gender, “equity” promotes differential treatment based on factors such as skin color, gender identity, or mental state. Under this ideology, certain groups may receive preferential treatment, leading to disparities.

The upcoming racial equity training sessions are aligned with the dogmas of Critical Race Theory and follow previous initiatives by the Girl Scouts, such as offering an “LGBTQ+ Pride Month Fun Patch” and publishing an “anti-racism guide.” The training sessions will be conducted in collaboration with the Equity Paradigm Group, a North Carolina-based consulting firm specializing in diversity, adult learning, and social justice activism.

The firm’s training covers various topics, including “Strategies for Applying an Intersectional Racial Equity Lens” and “Naming & De-centering White Dominant Culture.”

It is noteworthy that similar ideological influences have been observed in the Boy Scouts of America, with the introduction of the “Citizenship in Society” merit badge incorporating materials critical of colorblindness, Christopher Columbus, and supportive of the LGBT movement.

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