Alert: Marjorie Taylor Greene Move To Take Down Far-Left Squad Members

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(SNews) – Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has introduced legislation to the House to censure radical Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for “anti-Semitic activity.”

Greene introduced the resolution on Tuesday, accusing the progressive “Squad” member of “sympathizing with terrorist organizations.”

The move comes in response to Tlaib’s attacks against Israel and apparent support for the Hamas terrorist attacks against the Jewish state.

“The [Democratic] Party has done nothing to hold her accountable,” Greene said in a statement.

“They’ve done nothing to rein her in, and no one else here has done it.

“And so I thought it was right to list examples of – this isn’t just new.

“This isn’t a one-off thing.

“This is exactly who she is.”

Greene accused Tlaib of leading a pro-Palestinian protest on Capitol Hill last week.

Hundreds of demonstrators called for a cease-fire after the terror group Hamas staged an unprecedented, bloody incursion from the Palestinian exclave of Gaza into southern Israel on October 7, killing hundreds of civilians and prompting an ongoing response from the Israeli military.

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Tlaib spoke at the protest, during which activists took over much of the ground floor at the Cannon House Office Building.

In those comments, Tlaib blamed Israel for bombing a hospital in Gaza.

However, she did not retract the comments even after multiple intelligence agencies said that existing proof indicated the blast came from a misfired Hamas rocket.

Tlaib has even doubled down on the comments even after the claims were debunked.

Greene called the Capitol protest “an insurrection” in her resolution.

In its text, Greene also referenced Tlaib’s endorsement of a slogan used by Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

She also recalled Tlaib’s past comments in which she called Israel “an apartheid government.”

Tlaib is the only Palestinian-American member of Congress.

When asked about GOP feedback to her push to censure Tlaib, Greene told Fox News: “I think we will have every single Republican vote with us for this central resolution.”

She said of the left, “It would be shocking to me if they didn’t vote for it.”

Greene also called for Tlaib’s support of last week’s cease-fire protest to be investigated by multiple House panels.

“It should [have] a House Ethics investigation,” Greene said.

“[The House Administration Committee] should be investigating it.

“I think the Department of Justice, FBI should be investigating, even possibly the CIA.”

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