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According to Maggie Haberman of the New York Times, it is common for potential jurors in Trump’s case to have left-leaning political views. This observation aligns with the concerns of many Republicans who believe that Donald Trump will not receive a fair trial in Manhattan, especially considering that President Joe Biden secured over 86 percent of the vote in the area during the 2020 election.

“One thing that’s been striking during this round of voir dire is there a lot of people who, based on their answers, are more left-of-center than not, politically,” wrote Haberman.

“But some seem to be trying to show they can consider alternative viewpoints, and others seem to want to show they believe in the concept of jury service as independent from personal opinions,” she added.

In high-profile court proceedings, judges and lawyers meticulously assess “covert jurors,” individuals who actively seek to be chosen for the case in order to influence the final decision.

“Only about 12 percent of the people in this area voted for Trump,” constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley told Fox News. “The jurors you have to worry about are the ones who are sort of ‘Trojan horse jurors,’ who are hiding bias that doesn’t appear on social media or are involved in any formal charges like the one that was just removed today.”

During the jury selection process for the Trump case, potential jurors are presented with a series of 42 questions. It has been argued that these questions may favor the prosecution. Additionally, the jurors are subjected to examination by both the prosecution and defense attorneys.

“Now we have seen jurors who have later been found to have misrepresented their histories in a couple of prior cases involving Trump associates,” Turley continued. “In both those cases, the judges in Washington, DC, refused to reconsider the verdict. And so this is a very important stage to try to filter out these types of jurors.”

Two jurors were excused by New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan on Thursday. One of them was dismissed due to the woman’s worries about her identity being revealed to the public. The second juror was excused for reasons that remain undisclosed, as reported by court reporters.

The case has seen the judge seating 12 jurors and one alternate so far. However, an additional five alternates are still required to reach a total of 18. The jury selection process, which began on Thursday, is expected to conclude early next week.

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