Alert: U.S. Farmers Rise Up Against Joe Biden

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American farmers are facing a dire situation due to inflation and the concept of “sustainability,” and unfortunately, the impact of these challenges is being overlooked by liberals. This concern was expressed by farmers who recently shared their experiences with Fox News.

During an interview with host Laura Ingraham, two farmers shed light on how Democratic policies are directly influencing their industry.

“Farmers are going out of business every day,” John Boyd Jr., who founded the group Black Farmers of America, said.

“What’s happening is America’s beef cattle producers are depleting their herds. So they’re not having more calves so they can multiply,” he said.

Boyd reported a one billion pound decrease in beef production over the last year, warning that Americans may soon feel the impact of this issue.

“We have farmers facing foreclosure. And the USDA will not stop farm foreclosures in this country for direct loans, guaranteed loans and other agricultural lenders,” the farmer, a former Republican Congressional candidate, said.

And I’ve made that request on your network many times,” Boyd added.

Shad Sullivan, a Texas farmer, remarked that globalism is the biggest thing hurting farmers right now.

“It’s the global elites — claiming that climate change is ruining the world and that we must implement sustainability: which is just production and consumption control across the world,” he told Ingraham.

“We see it going on all over — because of this, we’re becoming vertically integrated in our system. The beef cattle industry is the last bastion of freedom,” he said.

Fox News reported:

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“He said it is therefore time to fittingly “take the bull by the horns” and stop global elites from implementing sustainability regulations that would cripple Western agriculture – particularly ripping claims that cattle are a danger to the world. He warned that corporate agricultural interests have already invested resources in studying consumption of insects including crickets as a potential replacement for purportedly dangerous beef and pork – citing a report that chicken titan Tyson Foods earlier this month invested in a Dutch insect ingredient maker. However, in comments to CNN, Tyson CFO John Tyson said the company’s focus is more on “ingredient application with insect protein” rather than “consumer application.”’

Sullivan later added such problems are however, “liberty and freedom issue[s]. And that’s where we have to focus on. We have to stop this.”

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