Americans Demanding Ilhan Omar to Be EXPELLED From Congress

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has expressed his desire for a member of the group known as the “Squad” to be expelled from the United States.

Recently, DeSantis shared a video featuring a speech given by Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), where she was accused of prioritizing Somalia’s interests over those of the United States.

“Expel from Congress, denaturalize and deport!” DeSantis wrote.

In a particular rendition of the speech translation, Omar seemed to make a commitment to utilize her congressional role in order to obstruct the Republic of Somaliland’s efforts to establish a maritime agreement with Ethiopia.

Representative Tom Emmer (R-Minn.), the House Majority Whip, criticized these remarks as being focused on Somalia’s interests above all else and suggested that she should step down in shame.

Omar quickly took to social media to try and spin the facts:

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