Americans FURIOUS Over Obama’s Passover Message

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Former President Barack Obama utilized a Passover communication on Monday to incorporate Palestinians into the Jewish festival, urging individuals to empathize with those enduring in “Israel and Gaza,” and to stand in unity with individuals of diverse faiths.

Obama’s ambiguity veiled the reality that Palestinian terrorists still retain 133 Israeli hostages. He refused to mention the hostages, instead announcing that people should “remember everyone who is unable to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.” He also failed to mention the ongoing wave of antisemitism on college campuses and in Democrat-run cities, saying that “people of all religions … deserve to feel safe and secure.”

Obama also mishandled the interpretation of the Passover holiday, which is not centered around “resilience, redemption, and renewal,” but specifically emphasizes freedom – the liberation of the Israelite slaves during the Exodus from Egypt.

The term “freedom,” along with “hostages” and “antisemitism,” was noticeably absent from Obama’s message. Furthermore, he failed to acknowledge that for many Jews, the freedom of the hostages, many of whom are enslaved, holds significant importance as a Passover theme this year. Initially, Obama wholeheartedly supported Israel following Hamas’ terrorist attack on October 7. However, under pressure from left-wing activists – and prior to Israel’s entry into Gaza – he reversed his stance and began to waver.

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