Biden Caught RED-HANDED… He Never Wanted This Getting Out

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Special Counsel Robert Hur confirmed during Tuesday’s hearing that classified documents belonging to President Joe Biden were discovered in seven different locations. Hur, who characterized Biden as an elderly individual with memory issues, stated that there was not enough evidence to charge the president with willfully retaining these documents. For instance, Biden struggled to recall important details such as his son’s death and his own time as vice president during his interview with Hur. In response to Rep. Kelly Armstrong’s inquiries, Hur reiterated that federal authorities had indeed found classified documents in multiple places.

“Mr. Hur, classified documents were found at the Penn Biden Center?” Armstrong asked.

“That’s correct,” Hur replied.

“They were found in President Biden’s garage?” he asked.

“In Wilmington, Delaware, yes,” Hur responded.

“And in his basement den?” the member asked.

“Also in the same home, yes,” Hur said.

“And his main floor office?” Armstrong asked.

“Correct,” Hur replied.

“And his third-floor den?” Armstrong asked.

“Correct,” Hur again said.

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“At the University of Delaware?” the member asked.

“Correct,” Hur replied.

“And at the Biden Institute?” Armstrong asked finally.

“Correct,” he said.

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