Biden CRUSHED After Voters Reveal What They REALLY Think About 2020

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According to a CNN entrance poll conducted on Monday evening, the results showed that a majority of Iowan caucusgoers, specifically 68 percent, do not believe that President Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election. On the other hand, 30 percent of the respondents expressed their belief that he did win the election.

In addition to this, the poll also inquired about the opinion of the respondents regarding former President Donald Trump’s fitness for the presidency, even if he were to be convicted of a crime. Out of the participants, 64 percent stated that they believed he was fit for the role, while 34 percent disagreed.

When it comes to the top concerns of Republican caucusgoers, the poll revealed that immigration was the most significant issue for 40 percent of them. Following closely behind was the economy, which was a concern for 35 percent of the respondents. Foreign policy and abortion were both identified as important issues by 11 percent of the participants.

Furthermore, the CNN entrance poll indicated that among Republicans who participated in the caucus, Donald Trump emerged as the early frontrunner with 53 percent of the support. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis secured the second position with 21 percent, while former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley received 18 percent. Anti-woke businessman Vivek Ramaswamy garnered seven percent of the support.

The poll was conducted across 45 different caucus locations and included a sample of 311 GOP caucusgoers. The margin of error for the poll was three points.

CNN explained the significance of the polling results:

“Entrance polls are a valuable tool to help us understand caucusgoers’ demographic profile and political views. Like all surveys, however, entrance polls are estimates, not precise measurements of the electorate.

That’s particularly true for the preliminary set of entrance poll numbers, which doesn’t yet reflect the views of those who arrive later, and which hasn’t yet been weighted to match the final results of the caucuses. More enthusiastic and committed caucusgoers tend to show up earlier in the night, meaning they may not be fully reflective of the overall electorate.”

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