Bombshell: New Capitol Police Footage Destroys The Left’s ENTIRE Narrative

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New and revealing video footage from January 6, 2021, has been released, showing Capitol Police firing munitions into peaceful crowds, suggesting an attempt to incite rioting in the nation’s capital.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) released over 40,000 hours of video from January 6, including Capitol Police body cam footage, on Friday, emphasizing transparency. This move aims to challenge the prevailing narrative pushed by Democrats, anti-Trump Republicans (RINOs), and corporate media.

The unedited video, now available to the public, contradicts the narrative crafted by Democrats and their media allies, exposing apparent misinformation about the events of January 6. The previously limited footage presented by the media portrayed a distorted picture of the peaceful protest.

After reviewing the new video footage, some argue that January 6 was primarily a peaceful demonstration. The footage indicates that the gathering of Trump supporters turned into a riot due to police actions and establishment narratives. This revelation is significant, considering individuals currently facing legal consequences due to the events of that day.

The latest footage unveils instances of Capitol Police inviting protesters into the building as they peacefully assembled in the corridors, contradicting the later characterization of these individuals as “insurrectionists” in the political prosecutions that followed.

Until now, the public narrative suggested that President Donald Trump incited the riots and encouraged his supporters to overthrow the government. This narrative, despite Trump’s speech containing no explicit encouragement of violence and actually advocating for peaceful protest, has persisted.

Newly released footage from January 6 challenges this narrative, revealing that the incitement of violence did occur within the crowds, but not at the instigation of Trump. Video clips indicate Capitol Police firing rubber bullets, tear gas grenades, and stun grenades into groups of peaceful protesters. These actions took place before any attempt to enter the Capitol building, potentially serving as a catalyst for the ensuing violence.

The footage suggests that the actions of Capitol Police contributed to agitating the crowd, creating chaotic scenes that were later presented by the media as “proof” of an alleged “insurrection.”

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