Breaking: Biden’s Big Plan Just BACKFIRED

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According to a pollster, the continuous legal pursuit of former President Donald Trump by the Biden administration is transforming him into the ‘Nelson Mandela of America’. This comparison portrays him as a victim of unjust persecution on a grand scale, potentially paving the way for his return to the White House.

“Nearly 7 in 10 voters, or 69%, believe that politics ‘has played’ a role in the four indictments against Trump, according to a new survey shared with Secrets,” the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard wrote last week.

He added: “Voters are angered at what they see as Democratic strong-arm tactics to take out America’s most popular politician with legal and political tactics and believe that President Joe Biden and his Justice Department are behind it.”

Furthermore, a significant majority of participants, accounting for 58 percent, expressed their conviction that Biden played a part in ensuring Trump’s indictment. This sentiment was shared by a third of Democrats, 54 percent of black voters, and 58 percent of Hispanic respondents. Moreover, the survey revealed that over half, precisely 56 percent, expressed their desire for the Department of Justice to cease targeting Donald Trump and refrain from interfering with the forthcoming presidential election. Instead, they believe that Biden should allow the voters to determine the next president.

“Biden is trying to make Donald Trump the Nelson Mandela of America,” said Trump pollster John McLaughlin told Bedard.

He wrote: “Mandela spent 27 years in jail because he opposed South Africa’s white leadership and he was elected president when he was eventually freed, turned out of jail as a hero for standing firm in rejecting his opponents.

“The poll was done before the left-leaning Colorado Supreme Court booted Trump off the primary ballot pending an appeal, but McLaughlin said the move fits a pattern Republican and some moderate voters see as a Soviet-style effort to silence enemies.”

“To disenfranchise the leading political candidate in the United States is sad for American democracy and freedoms,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin proposed that the prohibition of ballots in Colorado, as well as in other states, could inadvertently bolster Trump’s position, similar to the impact of the indictments. He further mentioned that he has been observing this trend for several months.

“It’s only galvanizing the support for him, the political persecution. It’s scary,” he said.

“So far, all their indictments have backfired and made Trump stronger because the majority of fair-minded Americans see this for what it is. And now, with the decision to take him off the ballot, people are losing their civil rights. Trump’s losing his right to free speech and his right as a citizen, and in the meantime, you have the voters losing their civil rights to vote to decide who they want as president. And if they can do this to Trump, they can do it to any Republican or any political opponent,” the New York-based pollster and McLaughlin & Associates partner added.

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The pollster further mentioned that he conducts surveys for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and other leaders from Eastern European countries that were once part of the Soviet Union. According to him, Orban expressed his belief that Biden would employ similar tactics against Trump as the Soviets did to seize control of Hungary in 1947.

“I’ve got European clients who are telling me this is what the communists did in 1947. And they’re like, ‘Biden can’t lecture us about democracy,’ you know, because they have free elections,” McLaughlin told Bedard.

During his initial campaign event after being indicted on 37 federal felony counts for possessing classified documents, Trump proudly declared that his polling numbers and fundraising had skyrocketed. He disclosed that his legal team had received notification from Jack Smith, the special counsel of the Justice Department, regarding an indictment linked to the mishandling of classified documents. This extraordinary turn of events marked the first time in American history that a former president had faced federal criminal charges.

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