Breaking: CA Dems Vote For The UNTHINKABLE

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Today, California Assemblyman Bill Essayli encountered a situation where his microphone was silenced as he pushed for a vote on an assembly bill aimed at terminating the ‘sanctuary state’ safeguards for undocumented immigrant individuals involved in pedophilia.

“Assembly Democrats unanimously blocked the vote [on Assembly Bill 2641], thus allowing illegal immigrant pedophiles to remain protected from deportation,” the California Republican Assembly Caucus said.

I’m completely outraged that when we had an opportunity today to roll back sanctuary state policies that protect illegal immigrants who are convicted of committing sex crimes against minors – we’re talking about pedophiles – [and] that every Democrat in that building refused to support it,” Essayli said.

“They doubled down and they reaffirm that their policy – the law of the land in the state of California – is to protect criminal illegal immigrants who’ve been convicted of the most heinous crimes against minors,” Essayli continued. “And it’s on record and we have the vote, so I hope the public sees what happens today and they make their voice heard.”

Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney attended the event, saying:

“This bill [AB 2641] would have protected the most vulnerable, the most innocent, which is our children,” Gibboney says in the video. “They [the Democrats] put illegal aliens before they put us legal citizens and not protecting our children. My only son was murdered by a previously deported criminal illegal alien thanks to our policies in this government and 22 years since my son has been murdered not a thing has improved in protecting our borders, in protecting citizens of this country, and as a legal immigrant I am outraged.”

“What happened this morning is totally unacceptable,” Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) chimed in. “At the very least we should be able to say ‘no sanctuary for those who are committing sex crimes against our kids.’ To not even have any movement on that – to not even say, ‘look enough is enough’ on that issue just shows you how how out-of-touch the super majority has become here in Sacramento.”

“They literally don’t give a damn,” Essayli said. “These politicians here – every single Dem – don’t give a damn about you or your family and it’s totally outrageous. … They voted this down and it’s meaningless to them. They don’t care. They’re totally disconnected. I hope that the people see what happened today.”

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