BREAKING: CNN Crumbles… Forced Into Total Humiliation

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(SNews) – CNN is closing down its original headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, after more than 35 years of operating at the location.

The headquarters is shuttering following the network’s final broadcast from Atlanta on Friday.

CNN host Kate Bolduan announced the move at the beginning of Friday’s episode of “News Central CNN.”

The program was the last presented by control rooms at the CNN Center in Atlanta, Bolduan revealed.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the operation is prepared to move to the renovated 30-acre Turner Techwood campus in Midtown

The move comes after more than 35 years of broadcasting from the HQ.

“Before we go today, we are marking an important moment today in CNN’s history,” Bolduan said.

“Today’s show will be the final broadcast from the CNN Center in Atlanta.”


Bolduan showed live footage of the building set to close, taking note of the “big CNN sign” on top of the structure.

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She noted that she and her fellow anchors work from New York.

The show’s control rooms and much of the editorial staff work from the “iconic” CNN Center, also known as CNN’s World News Headquarters.

“Starting Monday, our team there will move to a new home just a couple miles away, but it’s actually, the new home is actually the place where CNN founder Ted Turner started the network back in 1980,” Bolduan said.

Bolduan played a clip from the first broadcast from the CNN Center that showed the first episode of “Daybreak,” featuring former hosts Donna Kelley and Brian Nelson.

Following the throwback, the anchor showed footage of employees waving goodbye from CNN’s two Atlanta control rooms.

AT&T, CNN’s former parent company, sought to save money by selling the CNN Center to Florida-based real estate firms CP Group and Rialto Capital Management, according to the outlet.

Warner Bros. Discovery, CNN’s new parent company, prepared the Midtown Techwood property for Atlanta staff.

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