Breaking: Congress Launches New Bill To Sell Out America

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A Senate bill has been proposed that would allocate a mere $650 million for the construction of a border wall at the United States-Mexico border. In contrast, Ukraine would receive a substantial $48 billion in taxpayer money from the United States to protect its borders from potential Russian invasion.

The bill, which was negotiated by Senators James Lankford (R-OK), Chris Murphy (D-CT), and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ), aims to provide Ukraine with the necessary funds to defend itself. However, according to Lankford’s office, the allocated amount for the border wall would only be sufficient to build and reinforce a few dozen miles of new barriers.

This stark contrast in funding between the border wall and Ukraine’s defense comes at a time when a significant number of American adults are in favor of constructing barriers along the border to address issues such as illegal immigration and drug trafficking. In fact, a record number of registered American voters, constituting a 57 percent majority, supported the construction of additional border walls last year. This support was evident across various demographics, including 62 percent of white voters, 49 percent of Hispanics, and 58 percent of individuals earning less than $50,000.

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