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President Joe Biden, a Democrat, issued a firm directive to Israel this week, emphasizing the need for an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza. This demand comes amidst growing criticism towards Israel and its military campaign against Hamas. Notably, Biden’s call for peace follows his disclosure of his wife, First Lady Jill Biden’s desire for an end to the conflict in Gaza during a meeting with Muslim leaders on Tuesday evening. The significance of Biden’s statement was such that one of the attendees felt compelled to jot it down, as reported by the New York Times.

“He said she said, ‘Stop it, stop it now, Joe,’” Salima Suswell, the founder of the Black Muslim Leadership Council, said.

White House officials have clarified that Jill did not advocate for Israel to cease its actions against Hamas. The advisors of President Biden emphasize that the first lady was simply expressing her concern over the loss of civilian lives in Gaza. Among the casualties were seven aid workers who tragically lost their lives in an airstrike this week. Elizabeth Alexander, the communications director for the first lady, conveyed this message through a statement.

“Just like the president, the first lady is heartbroken over the attacks on aid workers and the ongoing loss of innocent lives in Gaza.

“They both want Israel to do more to protect civilians.”

Jill Biden’s involvement follows months of pressure on her husband from progressive activists calling for a “halt in hostilities.”

The Bidens have faced disruptions during their campaign due to the ongoing conflict labeled as a “genocide.” Several White House officials have stepped down in objection.

Despite issuing warnings to Israel, President Joe Biden’s administration has continued to provide weapons to the country, including as recently as Monday. Monday was also the day when seven World Central Kitchen workers lost their lives in an Israeli airstrike.

In a potential change of approach, Biden insisted on an “immediate cessation of hostilities” during a tense phone conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday. Biden cautioned about potential policy adjustments if Israel fails to take more action to prevent harm to civilians.

“If we don’t see changes from their side, there will have to be changes from our side,” spokesman John Kirby said.

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