Breaking: TARGET Stores Caught Going Full-Woke Again

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(TStarnes) – The other day I received a note from a colleague who had been shopping at Target. He came across a “Christmas Pride” display. One of the ornaments on the shelf was a black, queer Nutcracker.

A quick glance at Target’s website shows that they have truly decided to don their gay apparel this Yuletide season.

The big box retailer has everything from rainbow colored snowflake ornaments to gay pride wrapping paper.

And instead of topping your Christmas tree with an angel or a star, Target recommends a rainbow-colored tree-topper.

For most of the nation Jesus is the reason for the season, but at Target, homosexuality is the reason for the season.

In recent years Target has completely embraced the LGBT movement – decorating stores with massive exhibits during Gay Pride month. Last June they sold transgender-themed merchandise marketed for young children.

And, of course, they were among the first major companies to welcome men into women’s dressing rooms and bathrooms.

Target CEO Brian Cornell told CNBC that the boycotts launched by concerned parents and conservative Christians put his employees in danger.

“This is my 10th holiday season at Target. You and I have been talking almost every quarter during those ten years. We’ve seen natural disasters. We’ve seen the impact of COVID leading up to the pandemic, some of the violence that took place after George Floyd’s murder. But I would tell you what I saw back in May is the first time since I’ve been in this job where I had store team members saying it’s not safe to come to work,” Cornell said.

Target’s chief executive officer literally believes that church-going Americans are more of a threat to the nation than Black Lives Matter protesters.

Clearly, Target has still not learned its lesson. So, shop accordingly, patriots.

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