Breaking: Terror Org CAPTURES Nine UN Employees

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According to a report by The Associated Press on Friday, the Houthis, a terror group designated internationally, have seized a minimum of nine United Nations staff members in Yemen. Officials mentioned that the reason behind the abduction remains uncertain, and it is probable that the rebel faction has also captured aid workers from various other organizations.

According to regional authorities, individuals who were apprehended were employed by various organizations including the U.N. human rights agency, its development program, the World Food Program, and one individual working for the office of its special envoy. Additionally, the Houthis have also detained the wife of a U.N. hostage, as confirmed by the officials. The United Nations has chosen not to provide any comments regarding this situation, as reported by AP.

The Yemen-based Mayyun Organization for Human Rights said, “We condemn in the strongest terms this dangerous escalation, which constitutes a violation of the privileges and immunities of United Nations employees granted to them under international law, and we consider it to be oppressive, totalitarian, blackmailing practices to obtain political and economic gains.”

Another non-governmental organization said they are “concerned of the whereabouts of one of our staff members in Yemen and doing everything we can to ensure his safety and well-being.”

According to a report by AP, the conflict in Yemen between the Houthi rebels and the government supported by Saudi Arabia has resulted in the loss of approximately 150,000 lives since 2014.

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