Breaking: TikTok Influencer Reveals Biden’s Secret Propaganda

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Farha Khalidi, an internet personality and OnlyFans performer, expressed feeling disillusioned after creating “political propaganda” ads for the Biden administration on TikTok. Khalidi, along with fellow ex-Muslim OnlyFans performer Jazmen Jafar, participated in a podcast hosted by political science researcher and commentator Richard Hanania. In a segment of the podcast shared on X (formerly Twitter), Hanania inquired about Khalidi’s start in earning money through TikTok and OnlyFans during her time in school.

So you were in school — you were still in college when you started as a TikTok person, right? Or did you start OnlyFans when you were in school, too?” Hanania questioned.

“No, I started TikTok, like, the spring semester of my senior year and I was like, ‘Fuck, I finally have to start applying for law school,’ and then, like, you know, female privilege: ‘life so easy for a woman.’ Obviously, I lucked out. No, I’m just kidding. [But] I lucked out and then TikTok was basically full-time for me. Like, I was taking ads by the time I graduated college from, like, the Biden administration, Planned Parenthood and, like, dating apps and stuff. So it was, like, fully financially sustaining me,” Khalidi said.

Hanania observed Khalidi’s assertion of profiting from the Biden administration, to which the influencer confessed to creating “political propaganda” advertisements. For instance, Khalidi was requested to endorse then-Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson “as a person of color” following her nomination to the Supreme Court by President Biden.

“So you were getting — the Biden administration was buying ads from you?” Hanania asked.

“Yeah, I was doing full-on political propaganda,” Khalidi stated.


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