Breaking: Top Dem FLIPS, Joins Republican Party

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Nebraska state Senator Mike McDonnell recently revealed his decision to switch party affiliations from Democratic to Republican. This move is expected to provide a significant advantage to the GOP as they prepare for the upcoming 2024 elections. Senator McDonnell cited his strong pro-life beliefs as the primary reason behind his switch.

“When I ran for reelection in 2020, I was pro-life,” McDonnell told NewsChannel Nebraska. “I have asked the Democratic Party to respect my religious-based pro-life position. Instead, over the last year, they have decided to punish me for being pro-life.”

“The Douglas County Democrats voted not to seat me as a delegate and not to share party resources with me because I am pro-life. The state Democratic Party voted to censure me because I am pro-life. Being a Christian, a member of the Roman Catholic Church, and pro-life is more important to me than being a registered Democrat,” he added.

“Today, I am changing my party affiliation to Republican,” he continued.

McDonnell’s decision has granted the Republicans a significant 33-seat majority in the Nebraska Legislature. This majority holds great importance in legislative battles, especially those involving the state’s unique electoral college system.

At present, state legislators are deliberating a proposal that would revert Nebraska to a winner-take-all outcome for electors, a method employed by most other states. The issue was brought forward by GOP Governor Jim Pillen, prompting lawmakers to address it. Senator Loren Lippincott (R-NE) has introduced bill LB 764, which aims to alter Nebraska’s current approach of allocating electoral votes by congressional district to a winner-take-all system. Under the current system, electoral votes have been awarded to both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates in the past.

Given that Nebraska is predominantly Republican, modifying the allocation of electoral votes could prove pivotal in a closely contested election. Analysts anticipate a tight race this year, with a likely rematch between President Biden and former President Trump.

“I am a strong supporter of Senator Lippincott’s winner-take-all bill (LB 764) and have been from the start,” Pillen said in a press release.

“It would bring Nebraska into line with 48 of our fellow states, better reflect the founders’ intent, and ensure our state speaks with one unified voice in presidential elections,” Pillen added.

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