Breaking: Trump RIPS Into Enemies With Devastating Easter Takedown

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Former President Donald Trump criticized his adversaries on Easter Sunday, specifically targeting those who were conducting unjust investigations against him.

“Happy Easter to all. Including crooked and corrupt prosecutors and judges that are doing everything possible to interfere with the presidential election of 2024, and put me in prison, including those many people that I completely & totally despise because they want to destroy America, a now failing nation, like ‘deranged’ Jack Smith, who is evil and ‘sick,’ Mrs. Fani (Fauni) Wade, who said she hardly knew the ‘special’ prosecutor, only to find that he spent years ‘loving’ her, long before the Georgia persecution of President Trump began (and thereby making the case against me null, void, and illegal!),” Trump posted.

“And lazy on violet crime Alvin Bragg who, with crooked Joe’s DOJ thugs, unfairly working in the D.A.’s office, illegally indicted me on a case he never wanted to bring and virtually all legal scholars say is a case that should not be brought, is breaking the law in doing so (Pomerantz!), was turned down by all other law enforcement authorities, and is not a crime. Happy Easter everyone!” Trump wrote in another post.

Newsweek reported that a recent survey conducted by Harvard CAPS/Harris revealed an interesting trend among self-proclaimed Democrats. It appears that a significant number of them actually support the disruptive political approach of former President Donald Trump. This marks a shift in their perception of Trump, as they now view him more favorably rather than considering him a threat to democracy who would further divide the nation.

“The pollster’s March survey found that 33 percent of Democrats say Trump will shake up the country for the better, a three-point uptick from February’s poll and a five-point increase from January’s poll. Comparatively, the number of Democrats who see Trump as ‘a danger to democracy and will hopelessly divide the country if elected’ has decreased from 72 percent in January to 70 percent in February and 67 percent in March,” the outlet noted.

Newsweek added:

“In November, 29 percent of Democrats saw Trump as shaking up the country for the better, while 71 percent called him a danger to democracy. The trend casts a shadow over recent polls that have signaled good news for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. The Democrat has been able to make significant gains against Trump in several swing states over the last six months, suggesting that Biden could make a comeback, even as their rematch tightens.”

Since the beginning of the year, various polls have consistently shown Trump either ahead or tied with Biden in most swing states. A recent poll reveals that Trump is also leading Biden in Texas by twice the margin of his victory in the state four years ago, which could potentially secure him the Lone Star State’s 40 electoral votes. Additionally, a survey conducted by Marist College indicates that Republican Senator Ted Cruz is leading his Democratic opponent, Representative Colin Allred, by six points in a crucial Senate contest.

This contest holds significance for the GOP as they aim to regain the majority in the chamber during the upcoming November elections. In the 2020 presidential election, Trump managed to defeat Biden in Texas by a narrow margin of approximately 5.5 points, marking the closest victory for a Republican candidate in the deeply conservative state in nearly 25 years.

However, according to the Marist poll conducted from March 18-21, Trump holds an 11-point lead (55% – 44%) over Biden among registered voters. Nevertheless, Trump’s advantage diminishes to 7 points (53% – 46%) among those who state their intention to cast a ballot in the November election.

“Independents, who Biden carried by 6 percentage points in 2020, now break for Trump. Trump receives 56% of Texas independents to 41% for Biden,” the release from Marist highlights.

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The poll indicates that Cruz, the conservative firebrand running for a third six-year term in the Senate to represent Texas, is ahead of Allred with 51% to 45% of registered voters.

Allred, a three-term congressman from a suburban Dallas district and a former NFL player, is trailing Cruz by a similar margin among likely voters.

“Among independents, Cruz (50%) is up by eight percentage points against Allred (42%),” a release from Marist spotlights. “There is a wide gender gap. Cruz (59%) carries men by 21 percentage points over Allred (38%). Allred (52%) tops Cruz (44%) among women.”

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