BREAKING: U.S. Ambassador Caught SPYING On America

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According to CBS News, Victor Manuel Rocha, 73, a former U.S. ambassador to Bolivia, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for acting as a Cuban intelligence agent for more than four decades. Initially denying guilt in February 2024, Rocha later changed his plea. During the legal proceedings in Miami, Judge Beth Bloom raised concerns about the plea agreement’s adequacy, noting the absence of victim restitution and citizenship revocation.

Prosecutors defended the 15-year sentence, citing Rocha’s age and health concerns. They subsequently updated the plea deal to include victim restitution, while the possibility of denaturalization will be addressed separately in civil court.

“For most of his life, Mr. Rocha lived a lie,” David Newman, a top national security official at the Justice Department said. “While holding various senior positions in the U.S. government, he was secretly acting as the Cuban government’s agent. That is a staggering betrayal of the American people.”

The specifics regarding the FBI’s suspicions of the former U.S. official’s espionage activities for Cuba remain unclear. However, court documents referenced by CBS News mention a tip received prior to November 2022. Following this tip, the FBI monitored Rocha’s interactions with an undercover agent, whom Rocha believed to be affiliated with Cuban intelligence.

According to court records, Rocha consistently viewed the U.S. as an adversary throughout the year. He expressed that the actions of the U.S. had significant and far-reaching implications. His primary concern was any U.S. activities that could jeopardize the leadership or the revolution itself, as reported by CBS News. The complaint also noted that as recently as 2017, Rocha maintained contact with his Cuban associates. He traveled from Miami to the Dominican Republic using his American passport initially, then switched to a Dominican passport for subsequent trips to Panama and Havana.

The records further reveal that the ambassador appointed by then-President Bill Clinton was advised by Cuban intelligence to lead a seemingly ordinary life. To conceal his double life, he adopted a conservative persona, as per the outlet.

Rocha held high-level security clearances, granting him access to highly confidential information. He likely provided significant assistance to Cuba, particularly during his oversight of Cuban affairs at the National Security Council and other diplomatic roles. While he was not charged with espionage, which carries harsher penalties, Rocha was convicted as a foreign agent. This lesser charge, often referred to as “espionage lite,” was pursued due to insufficient evidence for more severe allegations, potentially influenced by the passage of time since the alleged activities, according to CBS News.

Attorney General Merrick Garland described the case as “one of the most extensive and enduring penetrations of the U.S. government by a foreign agent,” as reported by the outlet.

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