CNN and MSNBC Caught CENSORING Trump’s Victory Speech

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The day is rapidly approaching when stories regarding the misconduct of the establishment media will cease to exist because the establishment media itself will no longer exist. However, until that time comes, we still have CNN and MSNBC to serve as reminders of why we consider them adversaries of truth.

On Monday night, both networks took deliberate actions to censor the speech of former President Donald Trump, following his resounding victory in the Iowa caucus. Interestingly enough, CNN’s behavior seemed to be the less severe of the two.

Alternatively, it is possible that CNN’s establishment supporters simply appeared more unskilled and inexperienced in their act of censorship.

Initially, the network aired a portion of Trump’s speech. However, when he broached a topic that was inconvenient for the establishment, CNN’s censors swiftly intervened. Just seven seconds after the former president criticized the “invasion” along the southern border, CNN’s Jake Tapper began speaking over Trump, effectively preventing viewers from hearing the victorious candidate’s remarks.

Tapper continued to ramble on for another 20 seconds, accusing Trump of “repeating his anti-immigrant rhetoric.” The camera then shifted away from Trump and returned to Tapper in the studio.

Journalist Nicholas Fondacaro shared a 42-second clip of CNN’s censorship on the social media platform X. Fondacaro also highlighted the precise timing of Tapper’s interruption.

In a rather amusing demonstration of audacity, Rachel Maddow, a well-known purveyor of falsehoods, informed the audience that MSNBC was unable to broadcast any portion of President Trump’s speech.

“There is a cost to us as a news organization of knowingly broadcasting untrue things,” Maddow said.

It is undoubtedly clear to anyone who recalls one of Maddow’s most notorious incidents that there is irony in her statement.

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In the attached video from 2021, Maddow expressed her support for the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person,” Maddow told her viewers, which will be remembered as one of the media’s craziest lies of all time.

Others also noted the irony:

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