Conservatives Furious After Nikki Haley Launches Low-Blow Attack On Trump

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Nikki Haley, the contender against Donald Trump, is employing the E. Jean Carroll case as a means to criticize the former president. She claims that instead of focusing on matters like inflation, the nation is now engaged in discussions about “a staggering $83 million in damages.”

“Donald Trump wants to be the presumptive Republican nominee and we’re talking about $83 million in damages,” Haley wrote on X.

“We’re not talking about fixing the border. We’re not talking about tackling inflation. America can do better than Donald Trump and Joe Biden,” she added:

The former South Carolina governor failed to mention the serious concerns with Carroll’s entire story — from a lack of witnesses to her inability to remember when the alleged incident even occurred to her failure to step forward until — conveniently — she needed to promote her book, What Do We Need Men For? in 2019.

The South Carolina governor who previously held office failed to acknowledge the significant concerns surrounding Carroll’s entire account. These concerns range from a lack of witnesses to her inability to recall the exact timing of the alleged incident. Furthermore, she only came forward conveniently when she needed to promote her book, “What Do We Need Men For?” in 2019.

Haley conveniently omitted another lesser-known fact while using this case to criticize Trump. Carroll’s financial supporter, Reid Hoffman, who openly opposes Trump, also financially backed Haley’s campaign. It is worth noting that Hoffman only halted his donations after Haley’s loss in New Hampshire last week.

Setting these matters aside, Trump continues to address policy matters during his rallies and throughout his campaign. Despite Haley’s suggestion that everyone is too preoccupied with his legal battles, Trump remains focused on discussing issues that are important to Americans. Additionally, Haley fails to acknowledge that many conservatives, as well as some independents and Democrats, perceive these various legal cases, including Carroll’s, which has numerous connections to Democrat activists, as yet another weapon employed by the radical left. In other words, many individuals interpret the constant indictments and legal battles as further evidence that the establishment is exerting its influence to impede Trump.

According to reports, Trump’s legal team intends to appeal the jury’s decision of awarding $83.3 million, citing an “insane” conflict of interest.

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