Experts Sounds The Alarm Over Bill Gates’ Secret Plan

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(SNews) – Several leading experts have begun raising the alarm over Bill Gates’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) “initiative” that is supposedly intended to advance “global health.”

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has plowed millions of dollars into the vague scheme that claims to offer “healthcare delivery systems” to “improve the livelihood” of citizens around the world.

However, Gates’s “AI initiative” is getting scrutinized, and criticized, by a variety of leading experts.

A trio of renowned academics has offered their take on Gates’s controversial push for AI to supposedly advance “global health.”

Researchers from the University of Vermont, Oxford University, and the University of Cape Town have issued a firm rebuke of Gates’s plans.

“There are at least three reasons to believe that the unfettered imposition of these tools into already fragile and fragmented healthcare delivery systems risks doing far more harm than good,” the researchers wrote in an editorial published in the prestigious peer-reviewed British Medical Journal (BMJ).

This particular reaction was prompted by an announcement from Gates’s organization in early August.

At that time, the Gates Foundation revealed that it was investing $5 million to bankroll 48 AI-based projects for “healthcare.”

The projects are tasked with implementing AI large language models (LLM) “in low-income and middle-income countries to improve the livelihood and well-being of communities globally.”

However, the Gates Foundation frequently chooses to present itself as the “benefactor” of “low or middle-income countries,” as Slay News has reported.

These “low or middle-income countries” are usually undeveloped nations, often in Africa, with little recourse to protect themselves from the negative impacts and risks posed by such experiments.

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The practice has provoked widespread criticism of Gates and his organization’s “experiments.”

While Gates continues to enjoy a free pass from the corporate media, renowned academics are beginning to raise the alarm about the true agenda of Gates, who isn’t a doctor or a scientist.

Writing in their BMJ-published paper, the group of international researchers asks the question: Is Bill Gates trying to “leapfrog global health inequalities?”

The Gates Foundation promises the AI projects will improve the lives and well-being of people around the world, particularly the poor or verging on poverty..

However, the scientists argue that the results of Gates’s AI-based “healthcare” projects will likely be very different from what his Foundation is promising.

The study warns that Gates’s plans will most likely end up “doing far more harm than good.”

The research then breaks it down into the very nature of “AI,” i.e. – machine learning.

“If you feed biased or low-quality data into a machine that supposedly ‘learns,’ out comes the reproduction thereof, perhaps even worse than before,” the scientists explain.

So then – if we are to believe what many scholars and activists do – namely that “the world and its governing political economy is structurally racist,” what could be expected as the outcome of “AI” learning, from that particular huge dataset?

The academics go on to warn that the scientific community should “oppose the careless deployment of AI in global health.”

They note that projects led by figures such as Gates express a “near complete absence of real, democratic regulation and control – an issue that is applicable to global health more broadly.”

The researchers go on to warn that Gates and his Foundation also likely have a conflict of interest regarding AI technology.

The scientists conclude:

“At the end of the day, the hard, sharp edges of capital, command, and control are in the hands of a very few entities and individuals, notably including the conflictingly interested Microsoft corporation itself, which has invested more than US$10 billion in OpenAI.”

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