Former Obama Aides Spill The Beans On Biden

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The age of President Joe Biden was extensively discussed by three former Obama administration aides, who raised concerns about whether Americans perceive him as too “frail” to serve another term in the White House. The trio emphasized that Biden’s age is a legitimate concern just seven months before the upcoming election and expressed worries that former President Donald Trump could secure a second term.

Jon Favreau, the chief speechwriter for former President Barack Obama; former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett; and Tommy Vietor delved into the topic of Biden’s age during the Feb. 14 episode of their “Pod Save America” podcast. During the conversation about special counsel Robert Hur’s decision not to charge Biden after the Justice Department’s investigation into his mishandling of classified documents, Favreau noted that many Americans perceive Biden as a “frail” elderly individual. Hur also voiced concerns that a jury might sympathize with Biden due to his age and memory problems.

“If you watch Joe Biden speak, oftentimes he sounds frail and he sounds more frail than he used to, even in 2019 and 2020,” said Favreau, a Democrat who is strongly opposed to Trump.

“The voice sounds frail, and he shuffles more because of the arthritis in his back. … He is mumbly, and I think that has an effect on people,” Favreau said.

He referenced polling data that indicates a significant majority of Americans express apprehension regarding Biden’s age. Favreau asserted that even if the media were to cease discussing the president’s age, concerns would persist.

He concluded that this is due to individuals relying on their own observations, implying that Biden’s cognitive health is a genuinely pressing matter for Democrats.

Favreau further rationalized that the president’s frequent verbal mistakes hinder efforts to depict him as too old, resulting in polls indicating that most individuals are anxious about Joe Biden’s effectiveness as president. In the meantime, Lovett stated that Trump, who appears more energetic, is successfully portraying Biden as weak.

“When world events seem like they are overtaking him and he’s not out there enough forcefully, that’s what’s getting people concerned,” Favreau said.

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