Fox News Star Sounds Alarm – “Worse Than We’ve Ever Seen”…

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In the opening segment of “Outnumbered,” Fox News host Harris Faulkner addressed the escalating crisis of illegal migration, highlighting the lack of genuine interest from the Biden administration in enforcing border security.

Faulkner began by informing her co-hosts and guest that New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) has called upon the state’s National Guard to aid in the processing and care of the numerous migrants who have inundated New York City and other parts of the state. This move comes amidst complaints from both Democrats and Republicans.

However, Faulkner emphasized that the situation unfolding on the streets of New York is merely a small representation of the daily occurrences along the U.S.-Mexico border. She shared a video clip showing a significant number of migrants crossing the Rio Grande in Eagle Pass, Texas, highlighting it as the latest area of concern.

Furthermore, Faulkner pointed out that Border Patrol agents have been captured on video informing migrants that they are free to go wherever they please within the country. This, she added, is a clear indication that President Joe Biden lacks the intention to enforce border security, despite the millions of migrants who have illegally entered the country since he assumed office.

“I don’t know how much vetting is being done because our Border Patrol agents are literally outnumbered at the border,” she continued, adding that they are processing migrants as quickly as possible but not deterring them from entering, which is actually their primary law enforcement function.

“Southern border is reaching levels that we have never seen before,” Faulkner added, “and it has been for the past few days,” with Customs and Border Protection sources reporting more than 11,000 migrant contacts during the previous 24-hour period.

“We don’t know who they are,” she said, adding that the number “marks the highest single-day total in recent memory.”

She then proceeded to reveal a photograph depicting a severely injured Border Patrol agent who had been subjected to a brutal assault in the Rio Grande sector. This unfortunate event occurred shortly after the agent was attacked by a group of migrants, highlighting the alarming fact that their initial action upon illegally crossing the border was to engage in a criminal act of violence.

“His attacker was a known smuggler who was branded a ‘rat’ by the cartels,” she explained.

In a previous interview conducted late last year, Faulkner criticized Biden’s inadequate border enforcement during a conversation with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. The Republican leader expressed his belief that Biden’s visit to the El Paso Sector, which has experienced minimal breaches, was primarily a superficial display.

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“These points that I laid out about ending catch and release, about detaining people who were coming across the border illegally, and turning back across the border people who are coming across illegally,” Abbott explained during the January interview.

“All of those are things the President and the United States already have the legal authority to do, and they are not doing. Until they step up and start doing this, all these other things they are doing is nothing more than a dog and pony show, and it’s not going to stop anybody from coming across the border illegally,” he said.

“When you hear talk like this and knowing you took the facts to the president,” Faulkner responded, “it is doubly, doubly confounding, and just really hurtful for the nation to know that things could have been taking place that wouldn’t have even required new legislation. So the big question becomes why didn’t they do it?”

Afterwards, Faulkner criticized Biden and the El Paso Democrats for allegedly evacuating migrant camps in the vicinity of the border prior to the president’s arrival.
“We’ve been listening to that messaging problem on the border for two years. Real quickly, I’m calling what happened in El Paso, having been there myself, sanitized for presidential political protection. What was that? You go to the place that’s most porous right now — and that changes every now and then — but right now, for illegals coming across in your state, it is El Paso, Texas. You go there and you don’t see one person at an intake facility? You don’t see any migrants coming in? I mean, that takes some work, and then you sanitize the streets?” she said.

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