Joe Biden Caught Trying to GASLIGHT Americans

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Democratic President Joe Biden’s recent attempt to shape public perception of his economic policies faced significant criticism on social media. Biden, in an effort to defend his approach, asserted that he views the economy from the perspective of the people “in Scranton,” distinguishing himself from the perception associated with “Wall Street and Park Avenue.” This message, posted on the president’s official Twitter/X account by his team on Monday, was met with widespread skepticism and disapproval from online audiences. The response highlighted a lack of confidence and support for Biden’s economic policies, reflecting ongoing concerns about their effectiveness.

“I don’t look at the economy through the eyes of Wall Street and Park Avenue,” the post reads.

“I look at it through the eyes of the people I grew up with in Scranton, Pennsylvania or Claymont, Delaware.”

Some Democrats are urging President Biden to shift away from emphasizing his “Bidenomics” strategy. Despite this, the Biden administration has remained steadfast in promoting the purported success of its economic policies. However, the reaction to Biden’s recent social media post indicates widespread skepticism among the American public, suggesting that many are not convinced by his attempts to shape the narrative. Investment expert and former Wall Street analyst Edward Dowd questioned Biden’s assertions in response to the post.

“And what did the fine folks in Scranton tell you?

“Are they more bullish on the economy than Wall Street or less?

“Seriously what are we saying here? What does this mean?”

Podcast host Dr. Mark Young seems to have some answers, however.

“He looks at the economy through the eyes of a Socialist with dementia,” Young explained.

Former Republican congressional candidate Jack Lombardi wrote:

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“Well, then you should go ahead and admit your economy sucks.

“Because the average American, my fellow non-elite American, is struggling under your failed policies.

“Your record number of EOs you bragged about signing caused this.”

Immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken responded with a reference to allegations of a bribery scheme involving the president’s family, specifically his son Hunter Biden.

“Especially when they pay you $50K p/m in rent, amirite?” Kolken joked.

Actor Matthew Marsden argued:

“You have literally been in Congress most of your life.

“Now ask yourself is the country better since you took office?

“You look at the economy through the eyes of a corrupt old fool who has run the country into the ground.”

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