Just In: Hunter DEFIES Congress, Refuses To Cooperate

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President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, declined to attend a legal deposition ordered by the Republican-led Congress, setting the stage for a possible legal clash as his father seeks re-election for a second term. According to Fox News, Hunter chose not to adhere to the subpoena from the House Oversight Committee and opted for a press conference, reiterating his willingness to testify publicly, a departure from standard congressional procedure.

He also blasted Republicans while claiming that his father was not “financially involved” with his foreign business dealings. He ripped “MAGA” Republicans who have “invaded” his privacy, “attacked” his family, and “ridiculed my struggle with addiction.”

“They belittled my recovery, and they have tried to dehumanize me, all to embarrass my father, who has devoted his entire life to public service,” the president’s son said. “For six years, I have been a target of the unrelenting Trump attack team. ‘Where’s Hunter?’ Well, here’s my answer. I am here.”

He added that “my father was not financially involved in my business.”

“No evidence to support that my father was financially involved in my business because it did not happen,” Hunter Biden said.

However, Republicans hold a contrasting view, often asserting that they possess what they term as direct evidence linking Joe Biden to his son Hunter’s business dealings, supported by bank records and the testimony of government whistleblowers.

In a recent development, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) announced their readiness to pursue legal action to enforce the subpoena earlier this month.

“Hunter Biden has received special treatment his entire life,” Comer told the Just the News, No Noise TV. “Every government agency that should have caught the crimes the Bidens have been committed for years were told to stand down. And they think they can bully the Oversight Committee and set the rules. And that’s not going to happen.

“We’re going to treat this investigation like every congressional investigation in recent memory has been treated: you come in for a deposition, then you do the public hearing. All of our depositions are transparent. We released the transcripts,” Comer added. “….He is the key witness to all of the Biden crimes. So the subpoena called for him to show up in this office on Dec. 13 for a deposition. I expect to see Hunter Biden in this office for a deposition.”

When questioned about his readiness to take the matter to federal court for the enforcement of the subpoena, compelling Hunter to testify in closed-door sessions, as is customary, Comer responded with a firm “Absolutely.”

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Comer further elaborated that after a meeting with House leadership on Friday, he received assurances that the GOP conference would vote to officially support the impeachment inquiry. This endorsement is anticipated to strengthen the committee’s position, empowering them to pursue legal measures to ensure compliance with the subpoenas issued to Hunter Biden and other individuals, as reported by Just the News.

“I suspect that the House of Representatives will formally vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry. This is the exact same process that (former Speaker Nancy) Pelosi took during her impeachment,” Comer explained. “And they’re not going to be able to have a leg to stand on in court if they try to defy our subpoenas.”

Comer wasn’t having any of it though, and completely rejected the proposal:

“Mr. Biden’s attempt to avoid sitting for a deposition pursuant to the terms of the subpoenas – by offering instead to testify at a public hearing – amounts to a demand that he receive special treatment from the Committees,” Comer wrote in a letter that was co-signed by Jordan.

Just the News noted further: “The letter noted that transcribed interviews and depositions are the normal first step in congressional investigations and that other witnesses in President Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry have complied, including former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer.”

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