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(TStarnes) – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan blasted the U.S. Department of Justice on Friday following accusations that the agency’s officials spied on Capitol Hill staffers who were conducting federal oversight investigations.

“You had Capitol Hill staffers investigating the quote ‘investigators,’ part of the DOJ, and come to find out that the Department of Justice was actually spying on the people doing that work, doing our oversight work on Capitol Hill,” said Jordan, a Republican representing Ohio’s fourth Congressional district.

Appearing on the Todd Starnes Show, Jordan said Justice officials may have snooped into the messages and data of Congressional investigators, “looking at their … emails, their phone contacts, their phone records.”

“That’s scary. So we want to know who else was being spied on. Was it their work phones? Work computers? Personal phones? What was going on here?”

Jordan on Wednesday opened an investigation regarding alleged obstruction of lawmakers’ probes into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. Jordan noted “the chilling impact that has” for the DOJ and other agencies to be “spying on the very people doing that constitutional work.”

“We have a duty, a constitutional duty, to do oversight of the executive agencies,” he told Starnes. “This is a violation … of our fundamental liberties, and a chilling impact it’s going to have on our constitutional duty in the House of Representative.”

Conservative radio host Starnes noted the “deep state that President Trump was talking about” is a “real danger, it is a clear and present danger.”

“Not just to the folks up on Capitol Hill but … even to average Americans when we’ve seen how they’ve weaponized agencies like the FBI,” Starnes stated.

“We’re driven by the facts and the evidence,” Jordan said, warning of double standards within the DOJ and FBI: “It’s a different standard, when it’s supposed to be equal treatment, equal standards.”


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