Just In: School District Caught Indoctrinating Children With Propaganda

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A recent report reveals that the San Francisco Unified School District is promoting extremist propaganda by educating students about “Israeli terrorism.”

Teachers were given educational resources to lead classroom discussions on “war, terrorism, colonization, and seeking peace.”

One of the resources provided for teachers “promotes multiple anti-Zionist articles and viewpoints, including an article published by Jerome Slater at the Middle East Policy Council.”

“In the article, Slater blames Israel for Hamas violence and speculates that failed Palestinian resistance efforts have made Palestinian terrorism a last resort,” the outlet reported.

“While all terrorism is morally wrong, it is still possible and perhaps necessary to make some distinctions,” the article reads.

“There can be degrees of moral wrong; we commonly make such distinctions and consider mitigating circumstances, especially between moral wrongs committed in pursuit of just causes and the double moral wrong of injustices done for unjust causes …

“For several reasons, Israeli terrorism has been morally worse than that of the Palestinians.”

National Review provided San Francisco Unified School District teachers with various educational materials, as stated by the publication.

The materials include specific instructions directing teachers to consider how they can “educate in hopes of a truly just and lasting peace in Israel-Palestine.”

Teachers are instructed to ask students: “How has the decades-long conflict between Israel and Palestine taken shape over time to this current conflagration?”

One of the resources was a video titled, “Challenging Antisemitism from a Framework of Collective Liberation.”

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For this particular video, the YouTube description states:

“The need for educational resources on antisemitism within a pedagogic framework of collective liberation is particularly important for this moment–as rising white nationalist violence targets many of our communities, including Jews, Muslims, black people, immigrant communities, trans and queer people, among others, and as false charges of antisemitism are directed at seekers of Palestinian justice.”

According to the San Francisco Examiner, local students from the district garnered attention when they organized a walk-out in October to express their solidarity with Palestine. The students received backing not only from their teachers but also from Hillary Ronen, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Ronen expressed her support for the students during a press conference.

“My father always told me that Israelis and Palestinians are cousins.

“We must stop seeing one another as less than human, and our leaders must stop dehumanizing us.”

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