Just In: Top Doctor Drops Biden Dementia Bombshell

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President Joe Biden is exhibiting evident indications of “age-related dementia.”

Marty Makary, a medical doctor and Fox News contributor, recently made an appearance on the Fox News program “Fox & Friends First” to discuss Biden’s medical condition, particularly in light of the recent special counsel report by Robert Hur.

Although Hur discovered that Biden “knowingly retained and disclosed classified materials,” he made the decision not to prosecute Biden. Hur clarified that prosecuting and convicting Biden for the offense would not be feasible due to his status as an “elderly individual with cognitive impairment.”

The special counsel further noted in the report that the president couldn’t even recall the year his son Beau Biden passed away, let alone the approximate timeframe within a few years. During his appearance on Fox News, Makary asserted that Biden is displaying evident signs of “age-related cognitive decline.”

Makary informed Fox News that while it is common for individuals to occasionally make mistakes such as word mix-ups, Biden’s decline in these areas has been “significantly progressing.” Makary specifically emphasized that Biden’s speech has noticeably slowed down and his memory has significantly deteriorated. We have recently witnessed clear examples of this, such as when Biden mistakenly stated that he had met with a French president who passed away nearly 30 years ago.

Makary further argued that Hur’s report essentially confirms Biden’s “age-related dementia.”

“At this point, it’s not really a medical diagnosis as much as it is obvious to even a lawyer who essentially made the diagnosis in this report of age-related dementia,” Makary said.

“So, that’s the concern. You’ve got cognitive decline right in front of our eyes.

“It’s very obvious how he’s performing today versus, say, five years ago, and it’s sad, really.”

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