Just In: Trump’s Big Announcement Has Liberals FUMING

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According to Trump allies, the US political system will undergo a dismantling or, at the very least, a reduction in the toxic influence of DEI if former President Trump assumes power in 2024. As expected, the left is reacting strongly, accusing the Republican frontrunner of promoting a racist agenda.

Axios’ latest article claims that a second Trump term will “dramatically change the government’s interpretation of Civil Rights-era laws to focus on ‘anti-white racism’ rather than discrimination against people of color.”

“Trump’s Justice Department would push to eliminate or upend programs in government and corporate America that are designed to counter racism that has favored whites,” Axios states. Despite these bold claims, Axios fails to show any evidence at all the Trump plans to focus on “anti-white racism” over the “discrimination of people of color.”

In reality, a potential Trump administration would guarantee the utilization of Civil Rights-era laws to encompass all Americans, rather than solely those deemed deserving of protection by the left. This noteworthy observation was made by Vince Coglianese, the editor of Daily Caller and host on WMALDC, through a tweet on Twitter.

“The ‘rather than’ in this tweet is never supported by any reporting in the piece. In fact, the Trump policy is to equally enforce civil rights laws, regardless of race,” Coglianese said.

Axios is basing its entire article on Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung and Trump’s Agenda 47, unveiled in 2023, where the ex-president pledged to abolish the “Marxist idea of ‘equity'” in reaction to Biden’s 2023 executive directive on “Further Advancing Racial Equity.”

“Achieving racial equity and support for underserved communities is not a one-time project. It must be a multi-generational commitment, and it must remain the responsibility of agencies across the Federal Government. It therefore continues to be the policy of my Administration to advance an ambitious, whole-of-government approach to racial equity and support for underserved communities and to continuously embed equity into all aspects of Federal decision-making,” Biden’s order stated.

Trump went OFF on this order in a press release titled, “Agenda 47: Eradicating Joe Biden’s Sinister’ Equity’ Executive Order That Has Led to the Woke Takeover of the U.S. Government.”

“Instead of making decisions based on merit or qualifications, these policies from Biden are enforced based on skin color and sexual identity.” the 2023 press release stated. “All staff, offices, and initiatives connected to Biden’s un-American policy will be immediately terminated. President Trump will create a team to review and reverse actions under Biden’s ‘equity’ agenda and request Congress to establish a restitution fund for those unjustly discriminated against by these destructive policies.”

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“Biden is weaponizing every tool of government power to push this racism and this Communism and Marxism. I will instruct the Department of Justice to make clear that any such discrimination is completely and totally illegal, and to investigate the unlawful domination and discrimination and civil right abuses carried out by the Biden administration,” Trump said in the statement.

Axios took particular exception to Trump, saying, “Every institution in America is under attack from this Marxist concept of ‘equity.’… I will get this extremism out of the White House, out of the military, out of the Justice Department, and out of our government.”

Cheung clarified that Trump’s plan to end Biden’s policies prioritizing equity over equality did not involve removing protections for minorities. Instead, it aimed to eliminate race as a factor in decision-making, thereby creating more opportunities for all Americans.

“As President Trump has said, all staff, offices, and initiatives connected to Biden’s un-American policy will be immediately terminated,” Cheung told the outlet. “President Trump is committed to weeding out discriminatory programs and racist ideology across the federal government.”

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