Just In: U.S. Orders Immediate Withdraw Of Troops

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According to The Washington Post, three U.S. officials have confirmed that the United States has agreed to withdraw its military personnel from Niger. This decision was made in response to a request from Niger’s government, which was prompted by a military coup in 2023 that resulted in a junta taking control and labeling the U.S. military presence as “illegal.”

During a meeting between Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell and Nigerien Prime Minister Ali Lamine Zeine, the U.S. agreed to remove over 1,000 troops, raising concerns about the future of a $110 million American air base. The officials will soon commence the planning process for the withdrawal, with the objective of executing an organized and responsible exit. This will necessitate coordination with the Defense Department, as stated by the publication.

“The Prime Minister has asked us to withdraw U.S. troops, and we have agreed to do that,” a senior State Department official told The Washington Post.

“We’ve agreed to begin conversations within days about how to develop a plan,” a senior State Department official said, according to The Washington Post. “They’ve agreed that we do it in an orderly and responsible way. And we will need to probably dispatch folks to Niamey to sit down and hash it out. And that of course will be a Defense Department project.”

The cessation of security cooperation and U.S. military operations, such as drone flights, has placed American forces in a state of uncertainty. The recent alliance between Niger and Russia, evident by the presence of Russian military instructors in Niamey to train and equip local forces with air defense systems, has further exacerbated the diplomatic deadlock, as reported by The Washington Post. The shift away from American ties has triggered local protests in Niamey, with hundreds of individuals demonstrating against the presence of U.S. military personnel. Despite these challenges, U.S. officials remain hopeful about the possibility of restoring diplomatic relations with Niger, according to The Washington Post.

On Thursday, Republican Florida Representative Matt Gaetz released a report asserting that American military personnel stationed in Niger are facing an “imminent risk” due to what he claims is the State Department’s concealment of intelligence. In his report titled “Unwelcome in Niger,” Gaetz argues that the lack of support from the State and Defense Departments puts U.S. troops in Niger in jeopardy.

The report includes testimonies from various service members, including a highly ranked enlisted officer, who express feelings of abandonment and claim to have been hindered from fulfilling their missions and returning home after deployment. These troops reached out to Gaetz in April to voice their concerns.

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