Nancy Pelosi Just Got Away With It AGAIN

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The investment holdings of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband, investor Paul Pelosi, have seen significant growth in 2023, aligning with a broader trend among members of Congress who have increased their wealth through market investments, as outlined in a recent report.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, a tool that mirrors trades made by congressional members and their families has registered an impressive nearly 20 percent gain this year. This performance surpasses the average annual stock market growth of eight to ten percent by twice the margin.

“And a separate tool which is dedicated to tracking Nancy Pelosi‘s investments reveals her portfolio has returned a remarkable 50 percent in the last 12 months, vastly outperforming the 17 percent gains of the benchmark S&P500 index of America’s top companies,” the outlet reported, adding: “The tools were created by Quiver Quantitative, which uses public disclosures from members of Congress to mirror their trading activity and track the results.”

The revealed disclosures highlight cases where specific politicians have shown a remarkable ability to invest in companies shortly before experiencing substantial increases in their stock prices. Notably, some of these individuals hold positions on congressional committees that are linked to the companies in which they have made investments, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“You can almost certainly see instances where there seems to be people acting on information that they may have been receiving in committee meetings, or may have been receiving just based on the nature of their job,” said James Kardatzke, CEO of Quiver Quantitative.

Similarly, other Congress members, spanning both Republicans and Democrats, also witnessed above-average growth in their stock portfolios this year.

While no members of Congress have faced accusations of insider trading, the perceived success in stock trading, frequently occurring just days before crucial legislative decisions impacting specific companies, has led to suspicions among many Americans. This skepticism is particularly pronounced regarding the former speaker.

The Daily Mail adds: Quiver Quantitative’s separate tracker for Nancy Pelosi’s trading activity has returned around 50 percent since last December. Pelosi has profited hugely from massive gains this year in the stock price of Nvidia, the chipmaker whose valuation has passed $1 trillion thanks to the AI boom. Pelosi also owns millions of dollars worth of Microsoft and Apple stock, which have both risen by around 55 percent since the beginning of the year.

Earlier this year, Pelosi drew attention once again with what critics argue is a conveniently timed stock sale, sparking renewed calls for legislation that restricts most trading by members of Congress while in office.

Ahead of the November midterms, then-House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) committed to scrutinizing trades and sales executed by the California Democrat and her husband. This scrutiny arose as several of these transactions seemed to align with legislation progressing through Congress, giving rise to accusations of insider trading.

A sale disclosed by Nancy Pelosi in late December has reignited calls from Republicans aiming to address this practice and restore confidence in the institution. According to a congressional disclosure form, she sold approximately 30,000 shares of Google stock roughly three weeks before the Justice Department, and eight states announced an antitrust lawsuit against Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

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