New Legislation Wil REMOVE Biden From 2024 Ballots

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Republican lawmakers in three states, namely Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, are currently drafting legislation to exclude President Joe Biden from the 2024 ballot. This move comes after the Colorado Supreme Court recently removed former President Donald Trump from the state’s ballot, citing his alleged role in inciting the January 6, 2021, “insurrection.”

Breitbart News has reported on these efforts, highlighting the significance of these swing states. The state representatives are pushing back against what they perceive as Democrats’ use of legal tactics, referred to as “lawfare,” to target Trump. In response to the 4-3 ruling by the Colorado high court, which invoked the “Insurrection Clause” of the United States Constitution to justify Trump’s exclusion, these lawmakers are taking action.

“We are joining forces to introduce legislation to REMOVE Joe Biden from the ballot in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania,” the lawmakers told Breitbart News. “The absurdity of radical Democrat judges removing Donald Trump from the ballot in Colorado will be a stain on the American political system for decades. By their very own interpretation of the law, Joe Biden is 100% not eligible to run for political office.”

“Democrats’ insane justification to remove Trump can just as easily be applied to Joe Biden for his ‘insurrection’ at the southern border and his alleged corrupt family business dealings with China,” they continued.

“Colorado radicals just changed the game, and we are not going to sit quietly while they destroy our Republic. To be clear, our objective is to showcase the absurdity of Colorado’s decision and allow ALL candidates to be on the ballot in all states,” they wrote. “To do that, we must fight back as Republicans against the communists currently running our great country.”

“While GOP elites are asleep at the wheel, the Democrats are very serious about destroying the American Republic,” political strategist Cliff Maloney told Breitbart News. “Thank God for patriots like Aaron Bernstine, Charlice Byrd, and Cory McGarr for stepping up to FIGHT back.”

It will prove to be a challenging task to remove Biden through legislation, considering that two states, namely Arizona and Pennsylvania, have Democratic governors. However, according to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, there are over twelve states where Republicans hold both the legislature and the governorship. In such states, if necessary, they could effortlessly exclude Biden from their ballots.

“I think this is potentially catastrophic. 1,360,000 Coloradans voted for Donald Trump in the last election. Four lawyers want to block him from being on the ballot. That means, basically, for every 340,000 Coloradans who voted for Trump, one lawyer is stopping them. That’s a level of establishment arrogance that is not sustainable,” he said.

Gingrich emphasized that the 10 states’ refusal to include Abraham Lincoln on the ballot in 1860 was the most recent significant endeavor of this nature. He firmly stated that the American people will not endure such actions and expressed his hope that the Supreme Court comprehends this fully. Gingrich further asserted that the American people will not accept being informed that they are prohibited from exercising their right to choose their desired presidential candidate.

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