Protesters Barge In and Shout DOWN Nancy Pelosi

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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was met with a disruptive incident during an event this week, as a woman raised her voice and expressed her demand for “an end to the Zionist occupation” of Gaza by Israel. This interruption occurred while Pelosi was delivering her speech at the Westin Hotel in Seattle. It is important to note that Israel had already withdrawn all of its forces from that region in 2006, making the woman’s statement factually incorrect. Nonetheless, the disruption caused Pelosi to conclude her speech prematurely and be escorted out of the venue.

“Nancy Pelosi, you are complicit in the Israeli crime of genocide!” the protester shouted.

“I’m an Iraqi refugee and I watch your government you represent kill a million of my people! You killed 70,000 Afghans, and now over 30,000 Palestinians have died due to your complicity! We demand an end to the Zionist occupation of Palestine! We demand an end to the 17-year-long brutal siege of Gaza to be lifted! We demand an end! End the occupation now!” the woman hollered.

As she was escorted out of the venue by security, she persistently shouted, “End the occupation now!”

Another protester reportedly shouted during the speech, “I’m a Jewish person, I have ancestors who died in the Holocaust, I was always taught never again for anyone.”

“I want to be loud and clear, it is not anti-Semitic to fight for a free Palestine, to speak out against the multiple genocides that are happening,” the protester added.

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