Red Alert: Global Elites Ready Military To Control Citizens

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A prominent European Union (EU) official, Maria Leptin, who serves as the President of the EU’s European Research Council, has proposed a shift in vaccine strategies, advocating for military involvement in mass vaccinations. Leptin, also associated with the World Economic Forum (WEF), contends that governments should cease attempting to explain the science behind vaccines to the public and, instead, deploy the military and religious establishments for vaccination efforts.

Speaking at a WEF panel, Leptin argued against informing citizens about vaccine science and suggested coercive measures to ensure widespread vaccine acceptance. She emphasized that successful vaccination campaigns do not rely on informed consent but on forceful implementation, particularly in situations where evidence-based science faces skepticism from the public. Leptin pointed to nations with high vaccine uptake, asserting that they prioritized efficient implementation over citizens’ understanding of vaccine science.

“One is Bhutan,” she noted.

Leptin clarified that the South Asian nation utilized the authority of the “religious establishment” to exert influence and compel the public to get vaccinated.

“They got fantastic coverage – no science was explained,” she noted.

“The other example I know of is Portugal, where the campaign was handed to a retired Army General,” Leptin continued.

“And the Army General just treated the country as his troops and he rallied the troops.

“He declared it as a war that the country, in patriotic passion, was going to fight together.

“And they had up there, I think, they were leading in Europe. if not the world.

“So, no science. Let’s remember that.”

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The development comes at a time when global elites continue to advocate for mRNA shots despite the conclusion of the pandemic. Governments, health authorities, and unelected global figures are pushing for high vaccine compliance amid diminishing public interest.

In recent news, a team of prominent American scientists introduced a novel “Air Vax” system designed to deliver mRNA vaccines directly into people’s lungs using airborne aerosols. Developed by researchers at Yale University, the “Air Vax” aims to address vaccine hesitancy by eliminating the need for injections. It can be dispersed into the air, allowing the simultaneous vaccination of large crowds through inhalation.

Encapsulated into polymer nanoparticles, the mRNA in “Air Vax” demonstrated promising results in a study involving mice. Researchers believe this innovative delivery method has the potential to revolutionize vaccination approaches. By eliminating the need for needles, “Air Vax” facilitates broader vaccine coverage, making it a promising solution for reaching remote populations.

Scientists emphasize that this method could transform vaccine delivery not only for Covid but also for other viruses, particularly benefiting people in underserved areas and addressing low vaccination rates among those averse to injections.

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